AR6350P-Clear, Glossy Plus, Italian Edge Paint

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    Product Description

    Italian Leather Edge Paint

    Color: Clear

    Finish: Glossy Plus

    Sizes: 250ml (8.5oz) and 1ltr (1,000ml)

    Edge Paint Info & Color SheetSafety Info

    AR6350P-M - Clear Glossy Plus Top and base coat

    • Forms a transparent, medium hard, extremely tough film with good elasticity - an excellent topcoat
    • Has a thicker viscosity than the Clear Glossy Top Coat, UW13/8-M
    • This is used as a primer and/or a topcoat
    • Outstanding flex resistance and excellent wet and dry rub durability
    • Sets after 48 hours of application. The use of heat, to a reasonable extent, helps improve water resistance
    • For best results, apply the topcoat within two hours of application of the color to improve the adhesion of both films
    • Also used as an adhesion promoter if applied to the edges before the final color coat. This use is suggested on very closed and slightly absorbent leathers where a normal dye is difficult to adhere

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