DIY Refillable Leather Journal Cover Kit, Buck Brown W&C Leather

  • DIY Refillable leather journal kit
  • Make your own leather journal
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    Product Description

    DIY Refillable Leather Journal Cover Kit, Wickett & Craig Buck Brown Leather

    Ready to make a journal cover with some of the finest USA made materials?! This is great if you are just starting out in leathercraft or need a crafty gift. This kit includes all the materials needed!

    The Design:

    The refillable leather journal cover kit features a multi-pocketed design. The inside left has a two card slot with an extended double wide slot behind. The inside right has a slanted sleeve that fits an 8" x 5" inch journal. It also features a removable stainless steel money clip on the back side card slot.

    The Materials:

    This journal cover kit comes with 4 pieces of pre-cut and pre-punched Wickett & Craig's 3.5-4oz Buck Brown Traditional Harness Leather, 135 inches of Maine Thread waxed polycord in 3 separate bundles, 2 harness needles, a public supply journal, and several other finishing components. All you need to bring to the table is water and scissors! 

    Experience Level: Beginner 

    Skills Learned & Used:

    • Hand Stitching
    • Edge Burnishing

    Dimensions: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch

    Materials list (included):

    • 4 pcs  -  Pre-cut & pre-punched 3.5-4oz leather pieces from Wickett & Criag
    • 50 inches  -  0.030" thick Maine Thread Waxed Cord in Golden Brown or Natural
    • 1 pc  -  Public Supply 8" x 5" inch lined journal
    • 2 pcs  -  CS Osborne Harness Sewing Needles
    • 0.25 oz  -  Beeswax for burnishing 
    • 1 pc  -  Fairfield Canvas for burnishing
    • 1 pc  -  Sandpaper for matching the edges

    Monogram Option:

    • Add a heat stamped monogram for $5 additional
    • Please see images above for monogram location in the bottom right corner
    • **No returns for items that get monogramed** 


    About the Materials:


    Wickett & Craig Leather

    The kit contains 3.5-4oz English Bridle leather. 3.5-4oz refers to the thickness. 

    Manufacturers Location: Curwensville, PA, USA (est. 1867)

    English Bridle Leather: The most popular of the Wickett & Craig leathers, English bridle leather is 100% vegetable tanned, is drum dyed in a range of finishes, then hot stuffed with waxes making this leather smooth and flexible with a waxy texture. Wickett & Craig "English" Bridle Leather is among the highest end vegetable tanned leathers in the world. Crafted in the USA, Wickett & Craig is known for quality, durability, and rich finishes.

    Maine Thread Waxed Polycord

    This kit comes with Maine Thread's waxed cord in 0.030" inch thickness. 

    Manufacturers Location: Lewiston, ME, USA (est. 1965)

    Waxed Polycord: The signature product of Maine Thread, its waxed polycord is highly durable and a staple thread in the leather crafting community for hand stitching leather products.

    Public Supply Journal



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