DIY Slim Leather Wallet Kit, Medium Brown W&C Leather

  • Leather Wallet Kit DIY
  • Make your own leather wallet
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    Product Description

    DIY Slim Leather Wallet Kit w/ Money Clip, Wickett & Craig Medium Brown Leather

    Ready to make a wallet with some of the finest USA made materials?! This is great if you are just starting out in leathercraft or need a crafty gift. This kit includes all the materials needed!

    The Design:

    The minimalist hand stitched wallet kit features a three card slot design; one card slot on each side and one between the two layers. It can also feature a removable stainless steel money clip on the back side card slot.

    The Materials:

    This slim leather wallet kits comes with 4 pieces of pre-cut and pre-punched Wickett & Craig's 3.5-4oz Medium Brown English Bridle Leather, 50 inches of Maine Thread waxed polycord, 2 harness needles, a choice of a removable stainless steel money clip, and several other finishing components. All you need to bring to the table is water and scissors! 

    Experience Level: Beginner 

    Skills Learned & Used:

    • Hand Stitching
    • Edge Burnishing

    Dimensions: 4 inch x 3 inch

    Materials list (included):

    • 4 pcs  -  Pre-cut & pre-punched 3.5-4oz leather pieces from Wickett & Criag
    • 50 inches  -  0.030" thick Maine Thread Waxed Cord in Golden Brown or Natural
    • 1 pc  -  Polished Stainless Steel Money Clip by Buckleguy (additional cost)
    • 2 pcs  -  CS Osborne Harness Sewing Needles
    • 0.25 oz  -  Beeswax for burnishing 
    • 1 pc  -  Fairfield Canvas for burnishing
    • 1 pc  -  Sandpaper for matching the edges

    Monogram Option:

    • Add a heat stamped monogram for $5 additional
    • Please see images above for monogram location in the bottom right corner
    • **No returns for items that get monogramed** 


    About the Materials:


    Wickett & Craig Leather

    The kit contains 3.5-4oz English Bridle leather. 3.5-4oz refers to the thickness. 

    Manufacturers Location: Curwensville, PA, USA (est. 1867)

    English Bridle Leather: The most popular of the Wickett & Craig leathers, English bridle leather is 100% vegetable tanned, is drum dyed in a range of finishes, then hot stuffed with waxes making this leather smooth and flexible with a waxy texture. Wickett & Craig "English" Bridle Leather is among the highest end vegetable tanned leathers in the world. Crafted in the USA, Wickett & Craig is known for quality, durability, and rich finishes.

    Maine Thread Waxed Polycord

    This kit comes with Maine Thread's waxed cord in 0.030" inch thickness. 

    Manufacturers Location: Lewiston, ME, USA (est. 1965)

    Waxed Polycord: The signature product of Maine Thread, its waxed polycord is highly durable and a staple thread in the leather crafting community for hand stitching leather products.

    Buckleguy Money Clip

    The additional money clip is made by Buckleguy of 316L stainless steel. 316L stainless steel is superior among stainless steel types in regards to corrosion resistance.


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