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Wickett & Craig 'Milled' Traditional Harness Leather Scrap, Burgundy, 2.5-6oz, 11.5lbs


11.500 LBS

Free Shipping on orders over $100

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Wickett & Craig 'Milled' Traditional Harness Deer Embossed Premium Leather Remnant Scrap Bundles

Color: Burgundy

Cut: Scrap

  • We consider our leather scrap 'Premium'. All scrap bundles come with several large remnant pieces cut from all areas of the hide. These pieces are great for small leather items, trim, repairs, practice, and many other projects.

Bundle Sizes:

  • 11.5 lb bundle


For Milled Traditional Harness we only offer one light weight variety bundle:

  1. Light Weight Bundles includes a random assortment of some or all of the following weights:
    • 3.5-4 oz (Thickness: 1.4-1.6mm --- 1/16")
    • 5.5-6 oz (Thickness: 2.2-2.4mm --- 3/32")

Grade: All scrap comes from #1 and #2 (Standard & Utility) leather sides - Please note that scrap remnants will often come with imperfections.

Back Side: Finished in burgundy, with gum paste!


The Tannery: Wickett & Craig of Curwensville, PA, USA (est. 1867)

  • 'Milled' Traditional Harness - Deer Embossed: A modification of the standard traditional harness leather, the milled traditional harness leather that we stock utilizes the same unique blend of waxes, oils and tallows, which are hot stuffed into the leather to bring out the true beauty of the leather and its grain. However, upon completion the top grain is embossed with a deer print. It then enters a milling process in which the leather is tumbled in large drums which accentuates the deer embossing giving the leather a beautifully textured grain. 
  • Wickett & Craig "Traditional Harness" Leather is among the highest end vegetable tanned leathers in the world. Crafted in the USA, Wickett & Craig is known for quality, durability, and rich finishes.
  • Traditional harness can be used for leather goods, belts, bags, high-end accessories, equestrian gear, and much more.
  • The back side is refinished and 'gum pasted'. The gum paste gives an incredible waxy and smooth texture.

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