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Wickett & Craig Skirting Leather Scrap, Chestnut , 8-12oz, 20lbs


20.000 LBS

Free Shipping on orders over $100

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Wickett & Craig Skirting Premium Leather Remnant Scrap Bundles

Color: Chestnut

Cut: Scrap

  • Scrap bundles come with both large and small remnant pieces cut from all areas of the hide. These pieces are great for small leather items, trim, repairs, practice, and many other projects.

Bundle Size:

  • 20 lbs


  • 8-10 oz (Thickness: 3.2-4.0mm --- 1/8"-5/32")
  • 10-12 oz (Thickness: 4.0-4.8mm --- 5/32"-3/16")

Grade: All scrap comes from #1 and #2 (Standard & Utility) leather sides - Please note that scrap remnants will often come with imperfections.

Back Side: Finished in chestnut, with gum paste!


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