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Assorted Riri Zipper, Dark Brown Tape, Odds & End Pieces, Total of 165"


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Free Shipping on orders over $100

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RIRI Zipper Odd & End Chain, Assorted Teeth

Zipper Teeth Size: Metal 4, 6, 8

  • Zipper teeth size is the width of the teeth when closed. For example, a Metal 6 zipper is 6mm side to side when closed.

Teeth Color: Assorted

  • Tape Color: Dark Brown (2226)
  • Teeth Type: 1-Way Combi
  • 1-way vs 2-way chain: please refer to the 2nd thumbnail image for the product to see a visual of the difference. Basically, a 1-way chain can only have a zipper puller installed in one direction. 

Tape Width:

  • Metal 4: 12mm per side (26mm total zipper width)
  • Metal 6: 15mm per side (32mm total zipper width)
  • Metal 8: 18mm per side (36mm total zipper width)
  • Metal 10: 22mm per side  (46mm total zipper width)

Lengths Included: 

  • M8 - Antique Brass - 31"
  • M4 - Nickel - 27"
  • M8 - Brass - 34"
  • M6 - Antique Brass - 28", 25", 20"

Tape Material: Recycled Polyester!

Teeth Material: Brass

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