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Rocado Shell Cordovan

Buckleguy is a distributor of Rocado Shell Cordovan leather, a tannery located in Tuscany, Italy. We are currently stocking most colors offered by Rocado in two weights: 3.5-4oz and 4.5-5oz. Shell Cordovan is one of the most precious leathers in the world. The leather comes from two areas on the underside of a horses rump where there is a dense flat muscle tissue. Shell cordovan is vegetable tanned using natural tannins from tree bark, chestnuts and leaves. Characteristics of the leather include a natural scratch resistance surface, high durability and tensile strength, and a shiny, glossy surface. Cordovan leather is commonly used on shoes, wallets, watch straps, strops, and many other high end leather accessories.

Please take a look through our Rocado Shell Cordovan below: