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Frequently Asked Questions

Back Post B-1414

B1414 ChartWe recommend 3/16" (4.6mm) of post to come through the other side of material, and a minimum of 1/8 inch (3mm). For example: If the thickness of the material you will be attaching the post to is 1/8” thick, then we recommend the B-1414  5/16". (minimum required to go in the hole 3/16" plus thickness of material 1/8"(2/16") = 5/16"). Please remember to take into consideration the material being used. Some material will be very firm like wood and will remain the same thickness when the item is attached. Other materials like leather or foam will compress once it is assembled. You should be using the compressed material “thickness” to determine the size of the B-1414 you will need.


How do the measurements work?

The measurement given in the item ID, or the part number, is the inside measurement of the hardware.  For example: if the mearurement of a D-ring is 3/4", then that is the the measurement of the leather strap that will fit inside that piece of hardware.  

If you are looking for 4430 2 1/4" Brass Double Tongue Buckle, then  2 1/4" is the size of the strap on the belt you should be using.  

The scale found below each item, or as a secondary image, is meant to provide you with a reference as to the overall size of the piece.


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