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Our Factory

manufacturer-of-brass-hardware.jpegSince 1945 and 4 generations of family, we have been dedicated to the leather goods and accessory industry. For over 40 years we have been in hardware, and for the past 20 years we have owned our own hardware manufacturing facility that focuses on the medium to high end accessory market. The majority of hardware you see at Buckleguy is from our factory, and every piece of hardware that comes through our factory meets the same rigorous testing and quality standards, whether it be for a large global fashion brand or a small crafter.


We primarily manufacture in solid brass, but also make in zinc, iron, and stainless steel. We produce in a variety of methods depending on the product. These include sand casting, forging, lost wax, stamping, and more. All products go through tumbling, polishing, several rounds of plating (if required), and lacquering. In the manufacturing of accessory hardware, many of these steps can often be overlooked or underperformed. For example, when you see hardware with plating that is chipping or flaking, it is often due to the lack of not using a layer of copper, then nickel, which creates a more durable bond. This is just one of the ‘hidden’ elements that go into hardware production that allows our hardware to look great and perform for the life of the product!


Our factory meets and exceeds all requirements when it comes to material composition, employment standards, and environmental regulation. We produce using only Low Lead Brass. This means that our brass is under 90ppm lead content, which meets the requirements set out by California’s Prop 65, as well as the European REACH standards. We have a full ‘in-house’ department for product testing that includes hardness, tensile strength, cross-hatch, and more. We also perform a CASS test where hardware sits in a chamber of high humidity, salt, and heat, which is considered an accelerated wear test. We are dedicated to always improving our manufacturing and in 2019 invested a great deal in new and improved machinery.


There is a reputation that surrounds brass. It has been used for centuries as a durable and reliable metal where time often improves its appearance. In the market of leather goods, brass projects authenticity and a cachet of quality. When comparing brass to zinc—brass will bend before it breaks, it will hold a stronger plating, it is more substantial in weight, and in time brass will endure.