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About Us


For 75 years and 4 generations our family has been involved in the service to our clients within the markets of leather goods, accessories, and manufacturing. Through the generations we have sold leather, distributed tanning machinery, sold leather again, and for the past 40 years manufactured hardware for the high-end accessory and leather goods markets. But through those 78 years we have always, at our core, been a customer service business. Listening and understanding our customers’ needs and working together to bring their vision to life. We are a family and treat our clients as such. A partner for the long run.


For the past 40 years we have worked in the ‘hardware game’ and since 2000 we have co-owned and operated a brass hardware manufacturing facility in Asia. During this time, we have focused on solid brass for large and medium global fashion brands and those seeking excellence in materials that go into their product.

In 2010 we started as an online wholesale supply store for manufacturers, leather crafters, and hobbyists in search of better-quality leatherworking products that were typically unavailable at small quantities. During this 10-year period we have seen a surge of quality demands from American Made crafters and manufacturers that have been seeking supplies that put their product above the big box brands. Over time we have expanded outside of just hardware and partnered with some of the best supply manufacturers in the world in the markets of leathers, zippers, tools, threads, and more. Our philosophy is, ‘if we don’t make the product, then we want to source it directly from manufacturers that meet the same level of quality standards as our own hardware.’


Since 1945 we have been dedicated to sharing knowledge and distributing products that meet and exceed expectations. Our industry is a small circle of friends and peers that relies on partnerships to succeed, and so we aim to build relationships of trust and collaboration while providing experienced advice and the accessibility to superior hardware and supplies.


To empower every client in making knowledgeable and thoughtful decisions in the choice of materials that go into crafting their vision.