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BioThane®, 520 Beta, Standard, 2.5mm Thick, 1", Periwinkle, 50 Foot Roll


1.408 LBS

Free Shipping on orders over $100

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BioThane, Beta 520, Standard

The BioThane® Beta 520 standard product is a PVC coated polyester webbing with a matte finish and 'leather' embossed grain surface. The feel is soft and flexible. BioThane webbing is waterproof, durable, UV resistant, weldable, and easy to clean. A great leather alternative for pet products, dog collars, leashes, belts, leads, strapping, equine saddlery tack, and more.

Type: Beta 520 Standard

Beta 520 Standard Specs:

  • Thickness: Standard = 2.5mm - 0.1" inch - (6oz)
  • Surface Finish: Embossed leather grain texture with a matte finish
  • Material: Polyester webbing interior (B10) with PVC exterior coating
  • Temper (Stiffness): Semi-Soft - Pliable
  • Tape Color: Multiple Choices
  • Webbing Widths: 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1"
  • Break Strength: 1,000 lbs per square inch (453 kgs)

Length: 50 Foot Roll

Color: Periwinkle (BU525)

 Beta 520 Standard vs Super Heavy:

  • The only difference between standard and super heavy is the PVC coating thickness. Super heavy has a total thickness of 4.0mm (10oz) compared to standards 2.5mm (6oz) thickness. Break strength is the same for both (1,000 lbs per square inch) as the strength comes from the polyester webbing inside the PVC coating, and this webbing is the same for standard and super heavy.


  • Can you sew through BioThane?
    • Absolutely! For sewing tips and how to's please click here.
  • Can you use rivets on BioThane?
    • Yes. Punching holes or using self-piercing tubular rivets is great on BioThane products.
  • Can you heat and seal BioThane?
    • Yes, cutting and heating BioThane is possible. When you cut the webbing it is not necessary to seal the ends. The polyester webbing will not absorb the water. However, for aesthetic reasons or applications where welding the product is required you certainly can. Please click here to view the safety sheet for heating as it is toxic and your area should be well ventilated.
  • Can you paint BioThane edges?
  • How do you clean BioThane?
    • Warm water and soap will work well. You also can dab the BioThane with a small amount of rubbing alcohol.

Due to distributor requirements cannot ship BioThane products to: United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, India, Australia

Made in Ohio, USA

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