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A-Z Alphabet Keychain, Acrylic Template


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Letters A-Z Alphabet Keychain Leather Pattern - Acrylic Template

Our A-Z acrylic templates have a 2.5" inch height and are used for making our leather Alphabet Keychain kit.

Stitch and burnish your own lettered keychain! This leather kit is beginner friendly and a great place to learn and practice basic hand stitching and hand burnishing. The alphabet letter set is a simple design that can be used as a keyring, bag accessory, and more!

Size: 2.5" inch height of letter

What you will need, along with our recommendations:

  • Leather: At leather a 6"x3" inch piece of leather, 3-4oz
  • Thread: ~50-100 inches based on the letter.
  • Harness Needles: 2 needles - 517-2 CS Osborne Harness Needles
  • Edge burnishing (2 options):
  • Edge Burnisher:
  • Thread Nippers/Burner:
  • Sand Paper

Experience Level: Intermediate. A fun starter leather pattern that involves basic leather cutting and stitching!

Skills Learned & Used:

  • Leather Cutting
  • Hand Stitching
  • Edge Burnishing