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BG Collar Button Setter Die, Multiple Sizes ***Requires hand tool post & base or BG hand press***


0.112 LBS

Free Shipping on orders over $100

Some Restrictions

BG Collar Button Setter Dies

***Requires hand tool post & base or BG hand press sold separately***

  • BG Hand Press
  • Not recommended for use with this tool: Hand Tool Base & Post
    • We do not recommend with the hand tool base and post. The reason being, when using your hands with the post and base you cannot keep the tool perfectly aligned top to bottom. By holding at an angle by even a few degrees you will put unwanted pressure on the thin edges of the concave setter, which will cause it to crack. Therefore, the hand press is the preferred option as it keeps the top and bottom setter perfectly aligned over one another.

Die Size Specifications (Attachment Type). Image chart also above:

  • BG Standard (Fits BG tools and machines)
    • Diameter of upper die (threaded): 7.9mm (1.411mm thread pitch)
    • Diameter of bottom die (not threaded): 18.9mm
  • West Coast (Does not fit BG tools. But is used on most non-BG tools)
    • Diameter of upper die (not threaded): 9.5mm
    • Diameter of bottom die (not threaded): 9.5mm

Suggested Hole Punch:

  • 1/8" hole punch:
  • Click here for: Rotary Hole Punches
    • We recommend a rotary punch as you have 6 punch sizes in one tool. So if you have a variety of other items a rotary punch is quite versatile.

Material: Stainless Steel