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BG & Corter Pricking Irons, Olive/Diamond Style, Multiple Sizes


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$38.00 - $174.00

Free Shipping on orders over $100

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BG & Corter Olive/Diamond Pricking Irons

With decades of leathercraft experience, and extensive knowledge on the history of leather working tools, Corter has designed its flagship leather chisel. The BG & Corter olive tooth leather chisels are made with hardened tool steel, polished teeth, and a blackened handle. They provide comfort, accuracy, durability, and a delicate cut. Designed for the crafter, made to be your workhorse. 

Sold Separately:

Tooth Shape: Olive/Diamond

  • Olive (diamond) tooth shape (please see the 2nd images above for tooth shape)
  • Direction (Obverse): / / / / / / / /
  • Tooth width: 2.6mm center - pointed diamond tip that tapers to base
  • Tooth length: 8.5mm

Tooth Amount Options: 1, 2, 5, 9 teeth

Tooth Spacing Options:

  • 3.38mm, 3.85mm, 5mm
    • Spacing is measured from the center of one tooth to the next


  • Steel (SKD11)
    • We reviewed a variety of steel options and landed on SKD11 tool steel. There is a fine balance of hardness, as too hard can make the teeth brittle, and too soft will not achieve a sharp tooth that will hold its shape. Performance and durability being the ultimate factors in our decision.

What makes the BG and Corter pricking irons different?

  • Solid steel construction. 
  • Large flat head provides easy grip and precision when aligning teeth on leather. 
  • Slim design allows for better visibility of leather and teeth when aligning and hammering into leather.
  • Contoured and tapered handle for comfortable and easy handling.
  • Machined and polished teeth allows for precise accuracy of every tooth, with smooth cutting and release from leather.
    • The 'release' may be the second most important aspect of a pricking iron, second only to the cleanliness and accuracy of the holes that the blades make. By 'release' we mean the amount of pull needed to remove the blades from the leather and pad after hammering. The highly polished teeth allows for an easy release with little effort. Unpolished or rough blades require more effort to pull and can cause you to rotate the blades left and right when pulling out, expanding and bloating the holes.