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BG Fixed Leather Creaser, Multiple Sizes


0.120 LBS

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BG Fixed Edge Creaser, Multiple Sizes

A creaser is used to mark a line at a set distance from the edge of leather. It is used for creating a recessed line for punching stitch holes or as a decorative accent. Compared to an adjustable creaser, the fixed creaser is a great choice if you always use a set distance and do not need to adjust. The crease/groove line is ~0.5mm wide. 

Size (crease width): 0.5mm

Size (distance from edge):

  • 1.0mm (more common for decorative accent)
  • 1.5mm (more common for stitching groove)
  • 2.0mm (more common for stitching groove)


  • Handle: Cocobolo & Brass
  • Creaser: 304 Stainless Steel