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Buckleguy Mini Strap Cutter


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Buckleguy Mini Strap Cutter, Plastic. Comes with one blade.

This BG mini strap and strip cutter is a versatile tool that fits in the palm of your hand. With an adjustable width knob and printed inches/mm guide, the tool is quick to set and cut. It is also made with a safety release blade holder for safe and easy removal of blades. The mini strap cutter is incredibly agile and ergonomic and is used in most of the same instances as the larger BG wood strap cutter. The choice between the standard and mini strap cutter comes down mainly to personal preference and strap width. The mini goes up to 2" and the standard strap cutters goes up to 4".

Blades: made in USA

  • Comes with 1 pre-installed blade.
  • Extra blades sold separately: Click here
  • Blades are the most important part of this tool. You could have a solid gold strap cutter and a poorly made blade and the tool is useless. The blades we stock for our strap cutters are made in the USA and (personally) the best blades I have experienced. We have stocked and sold other blades in the past, and these are by and far superior. 


  • Cuts up to 2" (52mm) wide straps
  • Cuts up to 7mm (17.5oz) thick leather 

Uses: Leather, rubber, cardboard, balsa, cork, paper, polyethylene plastic, cane (bamboo), linoleum, vinyl tile (trimming)

Material: Plastic