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Corazza, Non-Stretch Reinforcement w/ Adhesive, 20" x 40" sheet


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Free Shipping on orders over $100

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Corazza Reinforcement Backer, Non-Stretch, with Adhesive

Reinforcement interfacing with one side adhesive. Corazza provides shape, body, and structure, while also providing reinforcement to high-stress areas that are susceptible to stretching, ripping, or warping. Commonly used on leather, canvas, and fabric.

Peel away backer to apply sticky side to material. If you also need to stick the non-adhesive side we recommend using a thin layer of our Intercom Ecostick water based adhesive. Corazza can be sewn through either by machine or hand, or can simply be glued without sewing.

Thickness: 0.2mm (.008" inches)

Sheet Size: 50cm x 100cm sheet (19.7" x 39.4" inches) 5.55 square feet

Color: White


  • Stretch Resistance: For example, items such as watch straps and belts, install a strip of Corazza between two layers to reduce stretching.
  • Rip Resistance: For example, when installing a magnet with prongs into canvas or fabric first apply a layer of Corazza, then make the cuts through the Corazza and fabric. This will avoid ripping down the cut line on the material.
  • Add structure: Apply a layer of Corazza between two layers of soft material to add structure and shape.
  • No Bulk: Only 0.2mm

Made in Italy