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Corter Minimalist Leather Clutch, Acrylic Template


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Corter Minimalist Leather Clutch Pattern - Acrylic Template

This product is an acrylic template used for making the Corter minimalist leather clutch. 

Acrylic templates are great for those looking to expedite production and are perfect if you are looking to add a new product to your catalog.

The items and materials needed for this project can be found by following the below link: 

Minimalist Leather Clutch

Experience Level: Intermediate. A fun starter leather pattern that involves basic leather cutting and stitching!

Skills Learned & Used:

  • Leather Cutting
  • Edge Burnishing
  • Hand Stitching
  • Snap Setting
  • Rivet Setting

Finished Product Dimensions: 10 inch x 8.5 inch (LxH)