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Custom Manufacturing

Over 65 years of experience.

If you are interested in custom manufacturing please contact us directly at (978) 213-9989 or at

Buckleguy produces quality low lead Brass and Zinc hardware for handbags, belts, purses, accessories, luggage, and leather goods. We offer the ability to purchase directly from our in-stock program here at, or we can custom manufacture hardware for our customers in any style, shape, or size. All of our hardware is manufactured at our factory and is plated and lacquered to maintain its quality. We can work with technical specifications, drawings, models, or existing/revised pieces to develop the hardware you are looking for.


Manufacturing Custom Hardware

  • Factory: All items are manufactured in our own factory overseas
  • Materials: We Manufacture in low lead Brass or Zinc
  • Methods of Manufacturing: Sand cast, Die cast, Steel mold, Rubber mold, Forged
  • Prices: Prices, Minimums and Mold Fees on all of our custom hardware will be quoted
  • Shipping: Ocean shipping is included in our fee - these occur once every few weeks depending on how many items are ready to be shipped via Ocean. Ocean transit takes approximately 6 weeks.
    • If you require your order to be shipped via air, you will be quoted and charged air-freight. We can drop ship worldwide.
  • Delivery: Standard lead-time for production orders is 6-7 weeks 

The Process of Custom Hardware Development


Requirements: The minimum order for custom hardware is typically between 1,000 - 10,000 pieces per item but can vary depending upon complexity of the item and whether there is an existing mold. Zinc items may have higher minimums.  

Development Steps:

  1. Technical specifications will need to be provided for a custom piece to be developed. This may include technical specifications, drawings, CAD files, or a physical sample.
  2. This information is sent to our factory for review. Our factory will advise on metal options, price, minimum requirement and any mold fees.
  3. Based on communication with the customer, our factory will provide a 3D sketch with measurements for customer approval.
  4. Once the customer approves the factory’s sketch, the factory will begin the sample process, which takes 1-2 weeks OR the factory will provide 3D spec drawings that we use to print a plastic 3D sample.
  5. When the sample is complete, it is sent to the customer for approval.
  6. Once approved, the order is placed and production begins.