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Cutting Board, Multiple Sizes


0.650 LBS
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Cutting Board, Multiple Sizes


  • Small (.75" x 4" x 6")
  • Medium (1.25" x 6" x 8")
  • Large (1.25" x 8" x 12")
  • X-Large (1.25" x 12" x 13.75")

These cutting boards should be used as a working surface when using pricking irons, knives, chisels, punches and more. It is a rigid surface that reduces bounce and shock. Yet it is soft enough to allow the sharp tips of your tools to penetrate its surface allowing the tools to maintain sharpness and longevity.

Maintenance: After a lot of use you when the board is showing marks and holes, you can mend the board as follows. Place parchment paper on the board surface. Then with a hot iron, apply pressure. If you don't have an iron you can also use a metal roller to apply pressure and close the holes.