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Japanese Stitching Groover & Edge Creaser


0.120 LBS

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Japanese Leather Stitching Groover & Edge Creaser

The leather stitching groover and edge creaser tool is a versatile tool that comes with interchangeable tips based on the needs of your project. The adjustable arm allows you to make grooves/creases between 1mm to 13mm from the edge of the leather. You can also remove the adjustable arm to use the 3 tips free hand! It can also be used both right-handed and left-handed by flipping the arm. The tool should be angled between 30* and 45* degrees to the leather, pulling towards you while applying pressure.


  • Groover Blade: Cuts out a U shaped groove from the leather.
  • Spoon Creaser: Debosses a smooth crease in the leather.
  • Scratch Awl Tip: Marks a scratch line along the surface of the leather.
  • Edge blade sharpening set: Rod, polishing compound, #800 & #1200 sand paper.
  • Allen Key

Handle: Walnut & Brass