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Leather Coasters, Wickett & Craig Traditional Harness, Circle, Medium Brown (8pc set)


0.300 LBS

Free Shipping on orders over $100

Some Restrictions

Leather Coasters made from Wickett & Craig Traditional Harness Leather. Circle shape. Medium Brown (8 pc set)

Deal Includes: 8 Circle Coasters

Tannery: Wickett & Craig

Tannage: Traditional Harness

Color: Medium Brown


  • 8-12oz

Back Side: Smooth

Grade: Low Grade

  • These low grade pieces were not clean enough to be sold as our standard grade for various reasons. These are rated as 'low grade' for a variety of possible reasons:
    • Brandings
    • Tick bits
    • Loose areas
    • Sugaring
    • Crease marks
    • Oddly cut
    • etc. etc.

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