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MagSafe Wireless Charging Magnet


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Free Shipping on orders over $100

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MagSafe Wireless Charging Magnet with Adhesive Backing

This stick-on MagSafe magnet is for connecting phones, accessories, and chargers that use Apple’s MagSafe design. For use with both products that are currently MagSafe compatible, or that you want to make MagSafe compatible.

Utilize these magnets to create and maintain the optimal alignment between phones and wireless chargers, whereas you may otherwise significantly lose charging speed.


  • Allows you to make your own MagSafe compatible cases, wallets, card-holders, charging blocks, and other accessories by installing the magnet inside.
  • Install on the case of your iPhone with build-in MagSafe magnets to maintain a strong magnetic connection and proper alignment with chargers and other accessories through the case.
  • Transform older iPhone models or other compatible wirelessly charging phones to be able to connect to MagSafe chargers by adding magnetism and keeping the right alignment.
  • Add magnetic connectivity to an existing wireless charger that does not have MagSafe built in to be able to connect magnetically to your MagSafe enabled iPhone.

Compatible with: Meets the specifications of Apple’s MagSafe ecosystem for magnetically connecting wireless chargers, phones, and accessories, including:

  • iPhone 12 and newer with built-in MagSafe capabilities
  • iPhone 8 and newer with wirelessly charging capabilities

What’s included: Magnetic Adhesive Backing, N45H Magnet, 1 pc


  • 54mm wide
  • 74mm long
  • 0.6mm thick