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Newbury Leathers, Latigo, Side, Medium Brown


17.000 LBS

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Newbury Leathers, Latigo, USA Hides, USA Tanned, Leather Sides

Latigo leather (Latigo in Spanish means 'whip') uses a tanning process that combines veg and chrome tanning to create a highly durable and flexible leather. Our Newbury Latigo is hot stuffed with waxes and oils giving the leather a rich pull up and smooth feel. For products that need flexible, durable, and water resistant leather that holds up over time, latigo is a standard choice.

Color: Medium Brown

Cut: Side

Latigo Leather Specs:

  • Grain Type: Full Grain
  • Grain (Top): Smooth with pull up
  • Grain Flesh (Back Side): Smooth and gum pasted
  • Finish: 100% Aniline
  • Dye: Struct Through - (Color is dyed fully through the leather from top to bottom)
  • Temper (Stiffness): Firm - (Hard and rigid with little flexibility)
  • Type of Leather: Bovine (cow)
  • Tannage: Chrome tanned with a vegetable retannage
  • Grade: TR (Tannery Run) - All grades

Size: Average 24 sq. ft.

Weights Available:

  • 9.0-10oz (Thickness: 3.6-4.0mm --- 9/64")


The Tannery: Hides from the USA, tanned in the USA. Buckleguy House Leather.

  • Latigo in Spanish means 'whip', which was the original use of the leather as it is both durable and flexible. It gets these characteristics from its specific tanning process - a combination of chrome and vegetable tanning. The leather is also hot stuffed with oils, waxes, and greases providing the leather with a rich pull up and making the leather rigid yet soft. Hot stuffing also protects the leather against the elements, particularly moisture blocking making it basically waterproof. Latigo leather is also known for its heavy weight as it is infused with so much oil and wax.
  • The leather is produced at a multi-generational tannery here in the USA. They are a 'made-to-order' tannery, adhering to strict requirements from clients at leading accessory fashion houses, boot makers, and the like.
  • The tannery complies 100% with all USA environmental protection laws.
  • All leather hides come from the USA, providing the tannery with the highest quality raw materials and a fully traceable supply chain.
  • 100% Aniline finish: The use of transparent aniline dyes allows the unique grain texture of the hide to be visible.
  • These leathers are commonly used for premium leather goods such as belts, straps, dog collars, riding tack, bags, boots, and other leather accessories.