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Nile 'Horn Back' Crocodile Leather Belt Strap, Cognac, 48" Long


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Nile 'Horn Back' Crocodile Leather Belt Strap, Cognac

Made in South Africa and farm-raised sustainably, our Genuine Nile crocodile leather belt straps are fully finished, including two leather belt keepers, and require only the addition of a buckle of your choosing. This classic belt strap is designed to maintain shape and quality through wear and tear and can be adjusted to a length that suits you following the simple steps below. The backside is lined with veg tan calf shoulder, and has a layer of silk in between for added strength.

  • Remove leather end piece by unscrewing Chicago screw.
  • Trim strap along straight edge to desired length (See chart below).
  • Punch hole in center of strap 3/4" from top using a 1/8" punch.
  • Reattach leather end piece with Chicago screw.

Color: Cognac

Width: 1 1/4", 1 1/2"

Length: 48 inches

Weight: 8-10 oz (Thickness: 3.2-4mm)


  • Use a clean, dry cloth to remove dust and dirt
  • Apply nourishing wax to your product, such as Smith's Leather Balm. Let wax dry.
  • Use a polishing cloth or glove to buff the leather to restore its shine.