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Riri Zipper, Custom Cut Separating, Brass Teeth (GO)


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Free Shipping on orders over $100

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RIRI Zipper Custom Cut and Finished Separating Zipper, Brass Teeth (GO)

We stock pre-made RIRI Separating zipper that are 36 inches (92cm) in length. We then offer you a cutting service where we will take this 36" separating zipper and cut it down to your requested length. A separating zipper allows you to fully separate the 2 sides of the zipper. The pin insert and retainer box at the bottom is something that MUST be applied at the RIRI factory. And therefore, when we cut to your requested size we cut from the top, leaving the pin insert attached.

How it works:

  1. You get to determine the metal size, execution, length, and tape color.
  2. We take the current 36" zipper and cut it down to your requested length, and re-attach new top stoppers. 
  3. We ship to you.


Lengths: 3"-36"

  • Length is measured from the end of the stoppers. Not the ends of the polyester tape. Please refer to the product images for reference on how zippers are measured.
  • Use the “Zipper Length (Decimal Inch)” dropdown option if you would like a length that is a fraction of an inch. For example, of you want a 12.5” inch zipper, you should choose 12” from the first “Zipper Length” dropdown, then chose .5” from the “Zipper Length (Decimal Inch)” dropdown, and the custom cut would be 12.5”

Tape Color: Multiple Choices

Teeth Color: Brass (GO)

Slider: Flach (pre-installed)

Execution Type: For a visual reference please refer to the product images.

  • TB: One Slider, left hand puller, right insert. Slider is locking.
  • TBM: Two Sliders, left hand puller, right insert. Top slider is locking, bottom slider is non-locking.

Zipper Teeth Sizes: Metal 4, 6

  • Zipper teeth size is the width of the teeth when closed. For example, a Metal 6 zipper is 6mm side to side when closed.

Tape Width:

  • Metal 4: 12mm per side (26mm total zipper width)
  • Metal 6: 15mm per side (32mm total zipper width)

Tape Material: Recycled Polyester!

Teeth Material: Brass

**There are no returns or refunds on this product**