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Ritza 25 Tiger Thread, Waxed Polyester Color & Size Card


0.021 LBS

Free Shipping on orders over $100

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Ritza 25 Tiger Thread - 100% Polyester Waxed Braided Thread - Color & Size Card

Thickness: 4 thicknesses

Colors: 21

Imported from Germany, Tiger Thread is known for its strength and durability and considered the best hand sewing thread in the world among leather workers.

Thickness: Multiple Options


  • 0.6mm = 1,000 meter spool (1,094 yards)
  • 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm = 500 meter spool (547 yards)

Color: Yellow

Ritza 25 Tiger Thread Thickness Chart

Thickness Weight Rec. Harness Needle Rec. Glovers Needle
0.6mm - (.024") ultra light weight 517-3 - Click here 518-3 - Click here
0.8mm - (.031") light weight 517-2 - Click here 518-2 - Click here
1.0mm - (.039") medium weight 517-2 - Click here 518-2 - Click here
1.2mm - (.047") heavy weight 517-0 - Click here 518-1 - Click here


Harness Needles vs. Glovers Needles

  • Harness needles have a rounded tip. More often used on leather where holes are pre-made with pricking irons or punches.
  • Glovers needles have a sharpened tip. More often used with canvas or fabric where pre-made holes are not needed. Can be used on leather but will take more force to pierce through the leather.

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