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Rocado Avancorpo, Horse Front, Natural


3.700 LBS
$120.13 - $141.14

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Rocado Avancorpo, Horse Front, Natural

Type: Glazed & Unglazed finish options

Color: Natural

Cut: Single Horse Front

Rocado Avancorpo Specs:

  • Grain Type: Full Grain
  • Grain (Top): Smooth and shiny (glazed) or matte (unglazed)
  • Grain (Back Side): Smooth
  • Finish: none
  • Dye: none
  • Temper (Stiffness): Medium - (Slightly firm and less rigid. Moderately pliable)
  • Type of Leather: Horse (equine)
  • Tannage: Vegetable tanned

Weight: 3.5 oz (Thickness: 1.4mm --- 1/16")

Size: 12-16 sqft average (1.1-1.5 m2 - square meters)


The Tannery: Rocado S.R.L of Tuscany, Italy (est. 1982)

  • Avancorpo (Horse Front): Avancorpo stands for Horse Front. A 100% veg tanned leather, avancorpo is known for its tight grain, resistance to stretch, and patina. As these are natural they will patina in time with exposure to the elements and touch.
  • About the Tannery - Rocado s.r.l.: Established in 1982 in a small town in Tuscany, Italy, Rocado has become a premier tannery of genuine shell cordovan. Rocado is a small family owned tannery that focuses on traditional methods such as vegetable tanning processes that can take up to 3 months to produce the leather. Rocado uses many hands on operations including the application of aniline dyes and quality greases. Rocado has a full circle production focus that starts with the raw hide and finishes with the final product.