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Barry King, Nylon Maul, 16oz-48oz, Round & Tapered


1.500 LBS
$80.00 - $90.00

Free Shipping on orders over $100

Some Restrictions

Barry King Mauls, in Round and Tapered

Barry King mauls are designed with leatherworkers and crafters in mind. The leather handle is perfectly contoured and balanced for hours of comfortable work. The nylon head is secured to the leather handle with beautiful solid brass nuts, bolts and spacers.

Mauls in general are hitting tools that have a weighted head wrapped in nylon. Since nylon is soft it is great for hitting metal and as a shock absorber. Nylon is also dense, and therefore delivers a sturdy blow. The Barry King mauls come in 2 styles and 4 different weights. The heavier the maul, the more power you can deliver, but will also be more weight to hold. The weight of the tool is very much personal preference.

Barry King Maul
Round 16oz (1lb) 24oz (1.5lbs) 32oz (2lbs) 48oz (3lbs)
Tapered 16oz (1lb) 24oz (1.5lbs) 32oz (2lbs) 48oz (3lbs)






Made in the USA