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Posted by Hugh Harriss on 03 11 13

Sand Casting Brass Buckles and Hardware

Sand Casting Brass
Sand casting is one of the most popular processes for making solid brass hardware. Sand casting, also known as sand molded casting involves the use of sand as the mold material. Sand casting has been around for centuries and is how Buckleguy manufactures the majority of its buckles and hardware. The process begins by adding a clay material that mixes with the sand that acts as the bonding agent. Water is then mixed into to the mold to give strength and plasticity to the clay, which allows for the molding to occur.

The process takes 6 steps:

1. Develop an initial rubber mold based on ours or our customers specs
2. Incorporate the mold and sand into a ‘gating system’
3. Remove the rubber mold from sand cast
4. Fill the mold cavity with molten brass, zinc or other metal
5. Let the brass cool and set
6. Once cooled, break away sand and remove the casting

After the cast has been removed from the sand mold, the buckles then enter the next phase of the production process.