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How to Order Buckleguy Products in Europe

To order Buckleguy products in Europe, visit based in Denmark. Bukleguy brass hardware, leather working tools, and leathercraft supplies available to order from Europe.

Buckleguy Available in Europe

Buckleguy hardware available at in Europe

Buckleguy distributes inside Europe through our partnership with aleatherstore based in Denmark.

Aleatherstore carries over 1,000 Buckleguy items! These include: buckles, swivel snaps, O-rings, D-rings, key rings, rivets, snap fasteners, grommets, Chicago screws, magnetic snaps, tuck locks, turn locks, and watch buckles. You can also get Buckleguy hand presses and setting tools, acrylic templates, wet molds, coasters, and thread sets.


Aleatherstore was born out of a passion for artful leathercraft and a desire to make the industry more accessible. They share the Buckleguy belief that the best products are born from the best materials. They also share the fundamental Buckleguy philosophy of bringing wholesale supplies to small crafters without minimums or long wait times. And not to mention their fantastic reputation and customer service. You now have the aleatherstore team at your finger tips, and Buckleguy in your back pocket.

We hope this makes our hardware more accessible to crafters and manufactures in Europe and other parts of the world, and helps increase the value of the products you make no matter where you are located. And of course all our hardware is low-lead solid brass and meets the European REACH standards.


This is big for all of us here at Buckleguy, for our friends at aleatherstore, and what we hope to be our new crafters, makers, and manufacturers throughout Europe. Thank you Europe for continuing to tell us what a PAIN it was to get our items to you!! We hope this partnership grows, item selection expands, and the once ‘hard-to-get’ Buckleguy hardware and items are more accessible!

Thank you!