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Leather we distribute from tanneries all around the world

Here at Buckleguy, we are distributors of a few different types of leather from different tanneries. We thought it would be beneficial to have some additional information on the different tanneries, as well as the different types of leather that we sell.

Strap Cutting Service

Buckleguy offers a strap cutting service for all leather. The sizes range from ½”, 5/8”, 3/4”, 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 1 ¾”, and 2”.

You have the option to get 55”-60” long straps, or to have us cut straps as long as possible from the side of leather (you receive all scraps with either option). Straps are ideal to use for belts, bags, and other leather goods.

Wickett & Craig

This tannery was founded in 1867, and was originally located in Toronto Canada. Now, Wickett and Craig is located in Curwensville Pennsylvania. They are known for their high quality vegetable tanned leather.

Traditional Harness

-Colors: Buck Brown, Medium Brown, Russet, Burgundy, and Black

-Weights: 3.5-4oz and 5.5-6.0oz

-Available in sides

With this type of leather, Wickett utilizes a process called jack glazing. With this process, oils are brought out in the leather to create a glossy look. Higher weights of this leather are ideal for equestrian goods, where as lower weights are perfect for bags, belts, and other leather goods.

Carving Leather

-Colors: Natural

-Weights: 8-10oz

-Available in sides

Carving leather is unfinished, which is perfect for anyone wanting to dye their leather exactly to their liking.

English Bridle

-Colors: Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Tan, Burgundy, Chestnut, and Black

-Weights: 2.5-3oz, 3-4oz, 3.5-4oz, 4.5-5oz, 5.5-6oz, 8-10oz, and 10-12oz

-Available in sides, and straps 55”-60” long (weights vary dependent on the size of the straps)

English Bridle is their most traditional leather, which is drum dyed and hot stuffed creating a smooth and flawless finished product. This leather would be ideal for high-end leather goods.

Skirting Leather

-Colors: Russet, Oak, Chestnut, Brown, Mahogany, Natural, and Black

-Weights: 8-10oz and 10-12oz

-Available in sides

You will find that skirting leather is similar to carving leather. However, it is not completely unfinished. Skirting leather is drum dyed, but it will still take finish when applied and be just as moldable as unfinished leather.

J&E Sedgwick & Co

James and Emmanuel Sedgwick began their leather supply business in 1900 in Walsall, UK. All their leather is hand finished, utilizing the same techniques from when their business first began.

Waxy English Bridle

-Colors: Aussie Nut, Black, Choco, Conker, Dark Havana, Hazel, and London Tan

-Weights: 9-10oz

-Available in Bends, and 52”-60” straps

This leather has a smooth and high shine finish. It is best suited for equestrian related products, as well as belts. Sedgwick leather also has an open grain finish, meaning that it is beneficial to use a leather care product regularly to protect the leather.

Horween Leather Co.

Found in 1905, Horween Leather Co has been in business for over 100 years. They still believe in making their leather by hand, and all comes from their tannery in Chicago. They are known for the range of leather they create such as, Chromexcel, Football, Essex, Baseball Glove, and Genuine Shell Cordovan. Here at we stock Horween Chromexcel, Dublin, and Essex.


-Colors: Black, Brown, and Natural

-Weights: 3.5/4oz, 4.5/5oz, 6/7oz, 8/9oz

-Available in 12”x12” panels

-Available in straps sizes ½”, 5/8”, ¾”, 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, and 1 ¾”, all 55”-60” long.

The formula for this specific leather has been around since 1913. Chromexcel requires at minimum 89 separate processes to create. In typical chrome tanning fashion, the hide is died in chrome salts resulting in a “wet blue” color. The hides are then retanned, with Horween’s secret blend of bark extract. The hide is also stuffed with oils, waxes, and greases that helps to lighten the leather. This method is a great balance of both chrome tanning and vegetable tanning. Chromexcel has the best of both tanning methods resulting in a leather that is soft, durable, easily moldable (with heat and moisture), that will have a rich patina that gets better with time and use.

Essex and Dublin

-Dublin Colors: Black, Brown Nut, and English Tan

-Essex Colors: Natural and Black

-Weights: 3.5/4oz, 4.5/5oz, 6/7oz, 8/9oz

-Available in 12”x12” panels

-Available in straps sizes ½”, 5/8”, ¾”, 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, and 1 ¾”, all 55”-60” long.

Essex is a vegetable tanned leather, meaning that no chemicals are used in this tanning method. Vegetable tanning utilizes tannic acids that are found in plants. Horween uses the some tanning extracts as their Genuine Shell Cordovan leather. Dublin is the waxed version of Essex leather. Here at Buckleguy, we stock both Essex and Dublin.

Hermann Oak Leather

Hermann Oak has been making leather since 1881 in the mid-west. The tannery began with the intent of creating leather for harness trade. However, with their specialty vegetable tanning Hermann Oak began targeting the high end tooling leather market.

English Bridle

-Colors: Chestnut, British Brown, Havana, Black, and London Tan

-Weights: 8-10oz and 9-10oz

-Available in straps (55”-60” long, weights dependent on color)

These straps are drum dyed and vegetable tanned, and are available in Hermann Oak’s five traditional colors. This leather has a waxy, smooth finish.

Korba Buffalo Calf

-Colors: Black, Bordeaux, British Tan, Brown, and Dark Brown

-Weight: 3-3.5oz

-Available in full hides (10-12 square feet)

Our Korba Buffalo Calf is vegetable tanned, comes in a full hide, and is imported from India. This particular leather is known for its ability to burnish. This can be done manually with a clean soft brush/cloth, or you can wait for the leather to burnish on it’s own overtime. When the oils are brought to the surface, the hide will have a very shiny finish. This leather is very similar to traditional cow leather in regards to strength and durability. Korba Buffalo Calf has a less uniform grain in comparison to cow hide.