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12 06 17

Ritza Tiger Thread - the different types and how to use it!

Ritza Tiger Thread

The Danish company Julius Koch manufactures Ritza Thread. This company was founded in 1895. Their factories where Ritza thread is produced are located in Germany and Ukraine. They also have sales offices located in Europe and China.

What is Ritza Tiger Thread?

Ritza is a waxed, 100% polyester thread imported from Germany. The thread is finely braided, increasing its strength greatly. Ritza is lightly waxed, and will hold its shape and place while in use. This thread is known for its strength, durability, UV resistance and its perfect pairing with leather.

Ritza 20

  • -100% polyester
  • -Has a light waxed coating
  • -The braiding of the thread is thinner than Ritza 25, therefore not as strong

Ritza 25

  • -Also known as “Tiger” thread
  • -100% polyester
  • -Waxed specifically for hand sewing (or lubricated machine sewing)

Ritza 44

  • -100% polyester
  • -Has a silicone coating for decorative seams (can be used in any kind of machine)

What is it used for?

Here at Buckleguy, we stock the Ritza 25 thread. This thread is designed and spun for leather working. It is best used for hand stitching, making wallets, shoes, bags and belts. It is known among leather craftsmen as one of the best threads to use, as the thread will lie flat against the leather. Dependent on the spool size, you can purchase either 1,000 meters or 500 meters of thread.