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03 26 19

What are Rare Earth Magnets?

Rare Earth Magnets vs Non-Rare Earth Magnets

There are two magnet families that consumers and hobbyists will most often come across: Rare-Earth Magnets & Non-Rare Earth Magnets.

Before we dive in, know that here at Buckleguy, all we stock are rare earth magnets!

The rare earth magnet family is derived from an ore mined mostly in China, from which Neodymium is extracted. Developed in the 1970s and 1980s, this type of magnet is the most powerful permanent (can’t turn them on and off) magnet on the planet! Neodymium magnets, however, are not suitable for all situations including being out in the weather, as they tend to corrode. To protect from corrosion they are most commonly plated or coated in nickel, or iron.

The second magnet family is the non-rare earth family, which consists of all the rest including ceramic. Ceramic magnets are the magnets you probably grew up with as a child, and not extremely strong (think: refrigerator magnet).

It is worth noting that our Buckleguy magnetic snaps, which are available for purchase in an array of sizes, are rated for strength! Not many companies will provide this information as they do not go the extra step to have their magnets tested. Many of our snaps are U.S. patented and are among the strongest available out there today!

Rare-Earth Neodymium magnets are incredibly diverse and you can find them across many industries. Some common uses include:

1. Do-It-Yourself Projects with Magnets:

Both large and small magnets can be found all around the modern home, and DIYers are embracing their usefulness! Used often in cabinetry and sliding parts, they can also be used as a less permanent way to ensure a part stays put, until you want it to move.

2. Stationery and Business Supplies with Magnets:

Discreet closures for books and planners, securing a lid, or for box closures between two layers of material are just some of the ways magnets can help.

3. Jewelry and Leather Products with Magnets:

Magnets are everywhere in jewelry! The most convenient uses include clasps and piercing free earrings.

There are several different methods to use when securing your magnets, some of which include sewing, and gluing. There are no-sew options too often used between two layers of sewn together leather! For the gluing and no-sew options, look to Barge All Purpose Cement. Available for sale on our website, Barge All Purpose Cement is considered to be one of the best adhesives on the market. You will find that this cement is very easy to spread, waterproof, flexible and long lasting. This all-purpose cement works well with a wide variety of materials such as leather, cork, and wood.

So when you are considering using a permanent magnet in your application, put Neodymium at the top of your list for strength!