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What is English Bridle Leather? How it's made and used.

English Bridle Leather

English Bridle leather is an authentic vegetable tanned cowhide/steerhide that is made from the highest quality English animals and products. It is dyed in drums in order to develop deep, consistent colors with waxes and tallows. After the dying process, the leather is then hot stuffed with pre determined amounts of spew on the grain and flesh, giving it the English feel. Upon completition the leather will be stiff, though with the proper care and an ample amount of break-in time it will become soft and supple with a lot of strength.

English Bridle Finishes

Similar to latigo, each tannery will have its own formulas for tanning the hide, creating variations between the types of hides that are ordered. The different forumlas that are used will give the leather a different feel and draw, particularly concerning the waxy/oily feel.

The hides can be had with a relatively ‘dry’ finish so as not to feel like latigo. Though dry English Bridle leather has more in common with latigo than with other natural finish cow hides that most commercial straps are made from.

Overall it is a material that offers a nice feel and draw, accepts dye readily and reveals the grain of the hide. It is also highly durable, conditions well, and is the right type of leather or leather straps for high end products.

What is English Bridle Leather