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02 08 22

Is Brass Strong?

Did you ever wonder why designers love brass? Here's why solid brass is widely regarded for being durable, long-lasting, and stylish.

Why Brass is So Strong

Forging solid brass hardware at the Buckleguy factory.

At Buckleguy, we’re partial to brass because it’s so strong and it’s known to last. While just about every metal has its virtues, let’s take a closer look at brass’ strength and exactly what it is that makes this metal so durable.


Brass is an alloy. That means it’s a mixture of other metals: primarily zinc and copper. Other metals that are sometimes added to brass in small amounts include tin, iron, aluminum, silicon, and manganese​​. When it comes to its strength, it’s really thanks to being an alloy that brass is such a sturdy metal. The mixture makes brass stronger, and more pliable as well.

Solid brass belt buckles. You can finish brass with metallic coatings of different colors and styles, while still having a solid brass core.


Speaking of pliability, brass’ secret weapon is it will bend before it breaks. This is one of the properties we love most about brass, because it makes it both completely versatile and long-lasting. You can use brass for belt buckles, dog leash clips, connecting bag straps and so much more without sacrificing style for durability.

Watch how solid brass can be used to make pet products.


Not only is brass strong and easy to work with, it also doesn’t rust. That means brass should last you a long time, and look great for the duration. Why is it that brass doesn’t rust? Rust is a flaky, orangey (and frankly, undesirable) result of iron’s reaction to oxygen in the presence of water. Because solid brass contains little to no iron, it is not susceptible to rust.


We prefer solid brass for its strength and durability, not to mention its beautiful finish. Our catalog is stocked full of thousands of brass hardware items to suit just about any project or product.

How about you? Do you use solid brass hardware in the leather goods or other accessories you produce? Understanding what goes into each component of your products is valuable information for designers, business owners, and people who are just proud of what they make.