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C5205 2-1/8” PVD Black Matte, Rectangle Key Ring w/ Spring, Solid Brass-LL


0.030 LBS

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Free Shipping on orders over $100

Some Restrictions

Buckleguy Rectangle Screw Key Ring w/ Spring

This rectangle screw-in key ring is spring loaded so that even if the screw in part comes loose it will remain closed by the spring!

Style #: C5205

Finish: PVD Black Matte

Size: Size refers to inside dimension of the key ring

  • Inner Width = 20.2mm (0.80")
  • Inner Height = 54mm (2.13")
  • Opening = 5.6mm (0.22")

Material Thickness: 2.9mm


  • Key Ring = Solid Brass-LL

This item is made from Low Lead Brass under 100ppm

What is PVD Black:

  • PVD = "Physical Vapor Deposition"
  • PVD is a highly accurate plating process carried out in high vacuum environments at temperatures between 150 and 500 *C. It produces an extremely (emphasize EXTREMELY) durable finish to prevent scratching. Typically, black hardware that is found in the marketplace is not PVD, and is generally considered a black spray paint causing it to chip and scratch off within days. PVD plating is the process used to plate high end watch hardware, golf clubs, etc., and the only successful way to make a black that will not wear off. The PVD process is more intensive and is thus reflected in the price per piece. Please click here to learn more about PVD plating.