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Opera Conceria, Go Rain Max Suede, Panel, Real Teal (513)


0.300 LBS
$7.40 - $29.60

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Conceria Opera srl, Suede Leather, Go Rain Max, 7/7.5oz (2.8-3.0mm), Panel

The Opera Go Rain Max article is a heavy weight split suede with a fine nap that is water repellant. Opera is a premium Italian tannery specializing in suede leathers. The Go Rain Max is commonly used for shoes, bags, and accessories. 

Color: Real Teal (513)

Cut: Panel

Go Rain Max Leather Specs:

  • Grain Type: Split Suede
  • Grain (Top): Fine nap (provides two tone effect)
  • Grain Flesh (Back Side): Fine nap (provides two tone effect)
  • Finish: 100% Aniline
  • Dye: Struct Through - (Color is dyed fully through the leather from top to bottom)
  • Temper (Stiffness): Semi-Soft - (Soft and pliable. Little to no firmness). For suede it is considered firm with great body.
  • Type of Leather: Bovine (cow)
  • Tannage: Chrome tanned
  • Grade: #1 and #2 - Best quality at the Tannery, meaning the least amount of imperfections on the leather!


  • 0.5 Square Foot: 6.5 inch x 11 inch (6.5" x 11")
  • 1.0 Square Foot: 13 inch x 11 inch (13" x 11")
  • 1.5 Square Foot: 19.5 inch x 11 inch (19.5" x 11")
  • 2.0 Square Foot: 26 inch x 11 inch (26" x 11")

Weights Available:

  • 7-7.5oz (Thickness: 2.8-3.0mm --- 3/64")


The Tannery: Conceria Opera srl, Santa Croce sull’Arno (Pisa), Italy

  • The Opera tannery has been a family operation for over 30 years in Tuscany, Italy. Their primary focus has been on suede leathers.
  • Being part of the "Leather Working Group" demonstrates Operas focus on environmental stewardship.
  • What is Split Suede leather?
    • Suede is made from the corium, a sub-layer of leather. First, a full grain leather hide is split in two parts, the suede being the underside. This procedure creates a thin, soft, flexible leather. The leather is then 'sanded' which creates the soft and fuzzy texture that is a key characteristic of suede.
    • Benefits of suede: flexibility, softness, breathability, durability.
  • The Go Rain Max article is a premium suede leather for shoes, bags, jackets, and accessories.
  • Water resistant: Go Rain and other articles are water resistant. Air can pass through, but water cannot.