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Giardini Metallic Gloss Italian Edge Paint, 6 Colors, 2 Sizes


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Giardini Metal Gloss Italian Leather Edge Paint - 6 Colors, 2 Bottle Sizes

**Please note** -- The Giardini Metallic edge gloss needs to be used as a top coat, on top of a layer of the Giardini Basic Edge Paint. View the Giardini Basic Edge paints by clicking here.

Below is the color combination chart describing which basic edge paint color is to be used as the base for the appropriate Metal Gloss color.

Color Combination Chart

Brown 24 Bronze
Ochre 85 Gold
Black 11 Silver
Green 71 Green
Violet 14  Violet
Blue 61 Blue





Made in Italy, the Giardini Metallic Edge Paint was created in 2018 in 6 metallic colors. To obtain this particular finish, it must be used in combination with the Giardini Basic Edge Paint. The application is very similar to traditional leather edge paints, however the final product we hope you discover is of higher finishing and edge quality. 

Giardini vs Fenice and others:

  • Thicker edge with a single application
  • 50% better cracking test
  • 30% better adhesion
  • Color resistance to UV rays
  • 10x more sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Better VOC (this means less unhealthy gases being let off)

About Giardini Metal Gloss Edge Paint:

Metal Gloss is based on a special glossy polycarbonate resin and it has been created with the addition of particular metal powders inside the original base resin. The fine grain of the powders that are incorporated in the glossy resin causes the human eye to see a real metallic effect.

With Metal Gloss you will get a great metallized edge in combination with a glossy effect. Remember to gently stir the product before using to evenly distribute the powders and have a uniform coloration of the entire edge. Do not stir the bottle too strongly as that can create bubbles inside the paint and will cause issue with the final result. Once dry, the Metal Gloss edge will have great elasticity and strong adhesion, giving you a high quality and long lasting finish.

The Basics:

  • Application: By hand or machine (remember to lightly stir before using)
  • Dry Time: 60 minutes at room temperature
  • Storage Temperature: 41*F to 95*F (5*C to 35*C)
  • Shelf Life: 12 months

Application of the Metal Gloss:

  1. First, you will apply the Basic Edge Paint color that is used in combination with the Metal Gloss color (see combo chart above).
  2. Once the Basecoat has dried, lightly sand the edges until the surface is smooth.
    • If you want a thicker edge repeat step 1 and apply a 2nd layer of Basic Edge Paint. You may not need to sand if the edges are smooth.
  3. Next, apply your Metal Gloss color. Remember to shake the bottle lightly before opening.
  4. You can leave the edge as is, or, if you prefer to treat the edge further you can brush, sand, or apply a heat iron to the edge.