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Halley Stevensons, Waxed Canvas, 6oz (P200) Lightweight, Classic Wax


1.050 LBS

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Free Shipping on orders over $100

Some Restrictions

Halley Stevensons Waxed Canvas, 6oz (P200), Classic Wax, Continuous Linear Yard

Article: 6oz - P200 - 'EverWax Dry' (Classic Wax)

  • The EverWax line by Halley Stevensons is a next generation approach to sustainably produced fabrics and finishes, such as re-purposing recycled plastics into the wax. The P200 ‘Dry’ article, despite being called ‘Dry’ has a waxy and oily hand feel. It has a clean aesthetic but when handled has a slight distressed appearance with the cracking/pull-up features of a classic waxed canvas fabric.

Fabric Bolt Width: 60" inches

Sale Unit: Sold by the linear yard (36" x 60" inches). A multiple quantity order will come in a continuous length, so an order quantity of 2 will be: 72" x 60" inches. Cannot be returned as canvas is cut to order.


  • Dry Weight: 6oz per yd2 (200 GSM +/- 5%)
  • Waxed Weight: 8.6oz per yd2 (290 GSM +/- 5%)

Wax Finish Type: 'EverWax Dry' (Classic Wax)

  • Hand Feel: Waxy/oily hand feel. Despite being called 'Dry', this classic wax finish has a waxy touch.
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Craze Marks: Yes
    • Also known as: patina, pull-up, cracking, breaking. This means when you scrunch the canvas, lighter color crease marks will appear.

Color: Multiple

Material: 100% BCI Cotton

Product Uses:

  • Jackets, quilted jackets, apparel, bags, accessories, tote bags, hats, duffle bags, dopp kits, vests, aprons, etc.

Care Instructions:

  • Re-wax with: 50ml or 200ml Wax Tin
  • Cleaning: Spot clean and re-wax. Cannot be put in washing machine, ironed, or steamed. 

Classic vs Hybrid Waxes. In general:

  • Classic wax = waxy/oily hand feel. Develops craze/patina marks.
  • Hybrid wax = dry hand feel. Does not develop craze/patina marks.

How Does Buckleguy Ship Canvas?

Canvas orders of 5 yards or less are eligible for our standard Free and Flat Rate Shipping options. If you choose Free or Flat Rate shipping the canvas will come folded. The folding may cause creasing in the canvas from the cracking of the wax. You can remove creases with a heat gun or blow dryer to heat up and resettle the wax. The wax will also resettle naturally with time.

If you do not want the canvas folded, choose one of the available FedEx shipping options and it will ship not folded. Please note, packages like this that are over 48” are considered ‘oversized’ and have slightly higher shipping rates.

All international orders will ship not folded.


The Mill: Halley Stevensons, Dundee, Scotland (est. 1864)

Halley Stevensons is the world's leading manufacturer and innovator of waxed cotton and weatherproofed fabrics with all production taking place under one roof at Baltic Works in Dundee, Scotland.

  • Experience at over 150 years, Halley Stevensons has amassed unique technical knowledge, manufacturing expertise, and numerous patents. They specialize in waxed cotton and weatherproofed fabrics using responsibly sourced cotton and low impact manufacturing.
  • Innovation is the 'life blood'  (a main reason why we at BG decided to partner with HS). HS takes the approach of innovative thinking and technology with attention to sustainability - designing and building bespoke machines that allow them to process their unique fabrics. As of 2022 the core machines were 3 years old or less.
  • Sustainability and environmental responsibility is a leading principle of developments and products. As innovators in waxed cotton, HS cottons are sustainably sourced and accredited through global organizations such as OCS (Organic Content Standard) and BCI (Better Cotton Initiative). They are also part of the Bluesign initiative fostering development in responsible textiles with less impact on people and the planet.
  • Learn more: We highly encourage everyone to learn more about what truly separates Halley Stevensons. Click here to learn about their historypatents and innovationcollaborations, and more.


What is waxed cotton (aka canvas):

  • In general, waxed cotton is a performance fabric that has been treated with a wax coating (but not all wax is the same!) to provide water repellant properties. Waxes can include paraffin and petroleum waxes as well as natural waxes and innovative hybrid blends. Waxes and oils are natural substances used to protect against the elements, found in leaves, bean & seed coverings, animal feathers & furs, etc.
  • Waxed bags and garments can be continually rewaxed to maintain performance, making them more sustainable than synthetic alternatives that end up in a landfill at the end of their useful life. There is also less impact on our natural environment when using waxed canvas products vs. PFC's (Perfluorochemicals) used in synthetic articles as a water repellant.
  • Halley Stevensons uses low impact methods for applying waxes to the cotton fabric, unlike most other manufacturing methods for this process. The waxes are fully biodegradable.