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Japanese Swivel Knife Blades, Multiple Sizes


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Japanese Swivel Knife Blades, Multiple Sizes

There are 5 different blades to choose from based on your leather carving needs. These blades are compatible with our Japanese Swivel Knife handles: Click here. The blades are all hand sharpened with tool steel and then coated to prevent rust.

BG Swivel Blade Measurements
Type Blade Thickness Blade Width
BG Double Line: Thin 2.0mm 10mm
BG Double Line: Thick 2.5mm 10mm
BG Regular (No. 2) (comes w/ handle) 2.3mm 8.9mm
BG Sheridan: Thin (No. 1) 1.4mm 6.9mm
BG Sheridan: Ultra Thin (No. 0) 0.8mm 4.4mm