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Japanese Swivel Knife Handles, Multiple Sizes


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Japanese Swivel Knife, Multiple Sizes

Each swivel knife handle comes with a No. 2 blade, but there are 4 other compatible blades sold separately, click here. There are three sizes of handles for you to choose from based on your preference. These Japanese Swivel knives were constructed with precisely machined ball bearings for smooth functioning, hand sharped blades, and plated and blackened parts to avoid rust. The handles have two hex screw points. One to remove and change blades, and the second to loosen the handle shaft (yoke) to increase/decrease length of the handle for personal preference, between 2.25" inch (58mm) and 2.9" inch (74mm). The finger U cup is rounded for comfort, and the handle shaft is knurled to prevent slipping. Of course, this product is used for hand carving and tooling leather!


  • No. 2 blade. To see other compatible blades click here
  • Allen Key

Available Sizes (Diameter of Handle): 

  • Small: 9mm
  • Medium: 11mm
  • Large: 13mm

Handle Length: Adjustable between 2.25" inch (58mm) and 2.9" inch (74mm)

BG Swivel Blade Measurements
Type Blade Thickness Blade Width
BG Double Line: Thin 2.0mm 10mm
BG Double Line: Thick 2.5mm 10mm
BG Regular (No. 2) (comes w/ handle) 2.3mm 8.9mm
BG Sheridan: Thin (No. 1) 1.4mm 6.9mm
BG Sheridan: Ultra Thin (No. 0) 0.8mm 4.4mm