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Japanese Leather Edge Beveler, Multiple Sizes


0.080 LBS

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Japanese Leather Edge Beveler, Multiple Sizes

Leather edgers are used to bevel (round) the edges of leather, removing the sharp corners after cutting. These Japanese bevelers are designed with a grooved underside and angled tip. The angled tip allows for a more ergonomic grip when holding the beveler against the leathers edge. The grooved underside creates a more rounded edge, and also allows for easier sharpening!

The lower the number the lighter weight leather the edger can bevel.


  • Metal Rod
  • Polishing Compound (Jeweler's rouge)
  • Sandpaper #800
  • Sandpaper #1200

Handle: Walnut & Brass

How to Sharpen:

  1. Place the sandpaper on top of the metal rod. 
  2. With the handle pointing towards you, place the bottom groove of the edge beveler on top of the sand paper and metal rod and pull towards you. When you get to the end of the rod lift the edger up and bring back to the top to do a few more times. Do not do a push and pull motion, you ONLY want to pull back along the rod, not push forwards.
  3. Next, take the polishing compound, apply a drop of oil to it, and rub the compound along a strip of paper with the metal rod beneath. Then, just like you did in step 2, pull the beveler along the rod a few times to polish the blade.
  4. Instead of step 3, you can also rub the polishing compound with oil along the edge of leather and then pull the edger blade back along the leather edge to polish.
Edge Beveler Sizes
Size Blade Width Recommended Leather Weight
#0 0.6mm 0.5 - 1.2mm (1.5 - 3oz)
#1 0.8mm 1.0 - 2.0mm (2.5 - 5oz)
#2 1.0mm 1.8 - 2.8mm (4.5 - 7oz)
#3 1.2mm 2.2 - 3.2mm (5.5 - 8oz)
#4 1.4mm 2.6mm & up (6.5oz & up)