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Leather Wranglers 'Awl of Spades', Natural Walnut Handle


0.200 LBS

Free Shipping on orders over $100

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Leather Wranglers 'Awl of Spades.' Comes with 2 awl blades at 1.5" and 1 scribe awl

The “Awl of Spades” is a 'Leather Wrangler' specialty designed awl. It has an ergonomic handle shape that allows for long and comfortable stitching sessions. A tool-less blade change. It can also be used as a pegging awl and a scribe (scratch) awl.

Shape Options (see image):

  • King
  • Queen

Handle Wood:

  • Walnut


  • 1 Scribe/Pegging Awl (installed)
  • 2 CS Osborne awl blades, 1.5" inches in length (end to end). These blades are polished and sharped by Leather Wranglers.

Please note that each haft is hand-turned and dyed individually from unique wood. Wood colors and shapes may vary slightly from what you see in the image. No two awls are the same!