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Richard Hoffmans Leather Panel, Paris, Black (3-3.5oz)


0.240 LBS
$6.61 - $26.40

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Richard Hoffmans Leather Panel - Paris - Black

Color: Black (pigmented finish)


  • 0.5 Square Foot: 6.5 inch x 11 inch (6.5" x 11")
  • 1.0 Square Foot: 13 inch x 11 inch (13" x 11")
  • 1.5 Square Foot: 19.5 inch x 11 inch (19.5" x 11")
  • 2.0 Square Foot: 26 inch x 11 inch (26" x 11")

Weight: 3-3.5 oz (Thickness: 1.2-1.4mm --- 3/64")

Grade: TR

Back Side: Struck through Black


The Tannery: Richard Hoffmans of Nettetal, Germany (est. 1899)

  • Paris: The Paris leather is a full grain Nappa leather with a waxy top that is tumbled with a smooth surface grain. It is water repellent and has a pigmented finish. Nappa leather by nature is a very soft leather, however with use of particular tannins during the tanning process it is extremely durable. It is also a breathable leather and is chrome tanned.
    • Temper: Soft (Extremely flexible and pliable. No firmness)
    • Grain: Tumbled with a smooth and waxy grain surface.
  • Used for bags, upholstery, small leather goods and accessories, shoes, and more.
  • The leather is struck through meaning it has the same color throughout, including the back side.
  • About the Tannery - Richard Hoffmans: A 5th generation tannery (est. 1899), Richard Hoffmans is a GOLD RATED German tannery focusing on high-end, contemporary fashion leather with clients that include leading fashion houses from France, Italy, and the USA. Hoffmans is heavily focused on innovation through continuous research and development with raw material selection that comes from strict criteria and the best European cattle. Hoffmans also maintains the certification of ECOL - Energy Controlled Leather.