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RV4756, Double Cap Rivet, Nickel Plate, Solid Brass-LL (100 sets per bag), Slightly Shinier than Normal


0.590 LBS

Free Shipping on orders over $100

Some Restrictions

Solid Brass Double Cap Rivets - 100 Rivet Sets per Bag - shiner than the normal NMR2

Finish: Nickel Plate

Size: RV4756 - 4.7mm Cap, 5.6mm post

Setting Tools: 

Suggested Hole Punch:

  • We recommend a rotary punch as you have 6 punch sizes in one tool. And different rivet sizes require different holes sizes, so a rotary punch is quite versatile.
  • For single size holes punch see below:
    • Caps at 4.7mm: We suggest 5/64" hole punch
    • Caps at 6.4mm, 7mm: We suggest 3/32" hole punch
    • Caps at 9.2mm, 11mm: We suggest 1/8" hole punch

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