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Sedgwick English Bridle Leather, Bend, 9-10oz, Green


9.000 LBS

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Sedgwick Traditional English Bridle Vegetable Tanned Leather Bend

Cut: Bend

Weight: 9-10 oz (Thickness: 3.6-4.0mm --- 9/64"-5/32")

Size: 9.5-10.5 sq. ft. (~ 23"-27" wide x 53"-60" long)

Color: Green 

Grade: #1 and #2 (Standard & Utility) - Best quality at the Tannery, meaning the least amount of imperfections on the leather!

Back Side: Refinished in green, smooth and waxy


The Tannery: Sedgwick & Co. of Walsall, England (est. 1900)

  • True English Bridle Leather. All leathers are pit tanned and hand waxed with an open grain texture to ensure that the fibers are strong and the leather is smooth.
  • Sedgwick has produced vegetable tanned leathers since its founding in 1900, and uses the highest quality hides from the UK and Ireland.
  • A waxy grain is one of the most distinguishable characteristics of the leather. 
  • Incredible yields. You will find that nearly the entire side/bend is usable, even the belly and outer edges! 
  • One of the biggest differentiators of Sedgwick leathers is the hand finishing that goes into each of the leathers. Its curriers are highly skilled and hand wax and color every piece of leather.
  • These leathers can be used for all sorts of leather goods such as belts, reins, equestrian gear, wallets, key fobs, purses, accessories, and much more.
  • Sedgwick's tanning and currier processes creates leathers that are highly durable, have superb tensile strength, have a high shine, and will last a lifetime.