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Sedgewick's Waxy English Bridle Leather, Bend, 9-10oz, Hazel


9.000 LBS

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Sedgewick Traditional English Bridle Vegetable Tanned Leather Bend

The Tannery: Sedgewick & Co. of Walsall, England (est. 1900)

  • True English Bridle Leather. All leathers are pit tanned and hand waxed with an open grain texture to ensure that the fibers are strong and the leather is smooth.
  • Sedgewick has produced vegetable tanned leathers since its founding in 1900, and uses the highest quality hides from the UK and Ireland.
  • Incredible yields. You will find that nearly the entire side/bend is usable, even the belly and outer edges! 
  • One of the biggest differentiators of Sedgewick leathers is the hand finishing that goes into each of leathers. Its curriers are highly skilled and hand wax every piece of leather.
  • These bends can be used for belts, equestrian saddles, reins, bridles, leather goods, accessories, and much more.
  • Sedgewick's tanning and currier processes creates leathers that are highly durable, have superb tensile strength, have a high shine, and will last a lifetime.

Cut: Bend

Weight: 9-10 oz (Thickness: 3.6-4.0mm --- 9/64"-5/32")

Size: 9.5-10.5 sq. ft. (~ 23"-27" wide x 53"-60" long)

Color: Hazel

Grade: #1 and #2 (Standard & Utility) - Best quality at the Tannery, meaning the least amount of imperfections on the leather!

Back Side: Refinished in hazel, smooth and waxy