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Sedgwick Straps

Buckleguy carries the highest quality Traditional English bridle leather belt straps. These 7 straps are tanned and made in England and are hand waxed, leaving a thin leather of wax on the straps. This waxy layer is the main difference between these straps and our other more common leather strips. Made out of Genuine English Bridle leather, these leather straps are perfect as leather belt straps or any other leather craft project. Genuine English Bridle Leather is produced with the utmost attention to detail using time-tested methods dating back 175 years. Please also see our leather craft supplies

Local Hides

British hides are selected only from local farms in order to ensure a fresh product and maintain a high standard of quality. Each cut of leather can be traced right back to the farm and animal it came from. Only the heaviest hides are used to make Traditional English Bridle leather straps.

Traditional British Tanning of Leather Belt Straps

All Traditional English Bridle straps are pit tanned using vegetable tanning methods. This is done over a 3 months period to ensure that tough, durable leather is produced. Vegetable tanning is still the best for cutting, tooling, and finishing leather.

Traditional Hand Finishing of Leather Belt Straps

In order to attain the smooth, colorful finish typical of Genuine English Bridle leather strips, tallow and oils are driven into the leather grain by hand. This makes the leather pliable while at the same time not overly floppy or stretchy.

Please see our English bridle leather belt strips below: