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BG 180° Pedal System for Convertible Hand or Foot Press


20.000 LBS

Free Shipping on orders over $100

Some Restrictions

BG Pedal System for 180° Convertible Hand or Foot Press

What's Included:

  • Pedal system only (does not include the stand)
  • Tool set for assembly

Sold Separately:


  1. Convertible: Attach this pedal system to the stand & BG 180° press to make the complete kick press system.
  2. 5 Height Levels: Each level adjustment is 2" inches (5cm) 
    1. Lowest height adjustment (position #1) = 30" inches (76cm). Good for seated position or shorter person.
    2. Highest height adjustment (position #5) = 38" inches (97cm). Good for standing position.
  3. Compound Effect: We have engineered the pedal system to apply pressure like a compound bow. The user effectively uses less force to apply pressure. The final ~20% of the levers travel delivers the maximum pressure with less force required.

The development of the BG 180° Hand/Foot Press

Our hand press design took over 2 years in development and testing. We reviewed countless hand presses from decades past and those on the market today from simple entry level presses to full production presses. We learned the key elements on each of the presses, what set them apart, and what they lacked. We made sure the expected functions of a press were adopted and then added new features along with the ability to add components and accessories down the road. The press is made to suit both crafters and large manufactures. Our production partner in Europe is a team of engineers that specialize in manual and automated presses for leather and textile manufacturers. We leaned on their decades of engineering knowledge to enhance the press with features that modernized the basic hand press. Read more about its development.